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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Ryerson is a free service, but we use advertising on this page to cover operating costs. Any requests for money or credit card details are nothing to do with Ryerson, which has always been, and always will be, a FREE service. Please ignore any requests for payment from anywhere on the Ryerson site.

Requesting Lookups

Ryerson Index Inc is primarily an indexing service, not a lookup service. However, some of our volunteers have agreed to carry out lookups for particular newspapers and publication dates.


  1. Many libraries have the major papers, and often local papers, available in either hard-copy or microfilm format. Your local library, or nearest regional library, should be your first port of call when seeking the transcript of a notice, before you use the volunteer services of Ryerson Index Inc.

  2. All requests for lookups must be submitted via the form on this page. Requests will be automatically directed to the appropriate person based on the newspaper and date details which you enter.

  3. When submitting your request, please take the time to very carefully check the details. If you provide the wrong newspaper name, publication date, notice type, or name then you are only wasting the time of the volunteer attending to your request. Volunteers do not go hunting for the correct notice when nothing is present according to the requested parameters.

  4. It can take up to six months for the major libraries to microfilm newspapers and have them available. During that time, the newspaper MAY be in the library (in hard copy form), or it MAY be away being microfilmed. To avoid volunteers making fruitless library visits to perform lookups, please do not request copies of notices published within the past six months.

  5. The service provided by members of Ryerson Index Inc is a volunteer service. It is not a free service to carry out large amounts of your family history research. Please be reasonable with your requests, and do not bombard the volunteers with an unreasonable number in a short period.


If you have exhausted all other avenues, and wish to request a lookup, please follow the process set out below. This is the ONLY way that Ryerson members will carry out lookups.

  1. Complete the details in the form below. Please ensure your email address is correct, as without this you will never receive any answer to your request.

  2. Do NOT re-post your request because you have not had a response, until two months have elapsed since the original request. Volunteers have lives too, and many reasons can get in the way of providing an immediate response to your request. In addition, many volunteers are retired, and can often be away from home and computer for extended periods. However if you have not received the lookup within 2 months please feel free to contact us at

  3. Acknowledge receipt of your lookup when it arrives. This ensures those who carry out the lookups are not left wondering whether or not their email was successful.

  4. Think very, very seriously about donating towards the cost of further indexing.


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